361 Degree Spinject Women's Running Shoes

The 361 Degree Spinject Women's Running Shoes feature responsive Qu!kFoam pods that power this versatile neutral shoe. Also offering a seamless knitted upper the Spinject Running Shoes eliminate friction spots or hot spots that traditional seamed shoes don't deal with.

Seamless Knit Upper

The construction of the Spinject Women's Running Shoes is a seamlessly knitted upper that provides more comfort by eliminating all friction spots or hot spots that can occur when wearing traditional seamed shoes. The upper is constructed of a breathable engineered mesh. The mesh allows air to permeate the upper sucking in cool, fresh air whilst at the same time pushing out hot, muggy air, ensuring your feet can perform in the best environment and climate. In addition, a Fitz-Rite midfoot is added and has soft internal webbing to hold the foot secure and provide some structure to the upper. This, in turn, links with the traditional lacing system to provide a better lock-in fit that allows you to focus on the run ahead.

A pressure free tongue is designed to provide extra comfort and avoid the irritation that can occur from the laces if pulled too tight. Now you can pull the laces as tight as you wish, to get a much more personalised fit without the friction or irritation of pressure points. A padded collar also helps provide more comfort by cushioning the Achilles and ankle area where friction can take over. Lastly, two extra eyelets on either side of the laces at the top are there to offer you additional help with getting a better locked-in fit as you can lace lock. Lace locking prevents any slipping that can happen in intense running and pushes the heel back into the shoe to get a nice, tight and comfortable fit.

Qu!kFoam Midsole And Qu!k Flex 4foot Outsole

The three layers of cushioning that make up the midsole compound convert energy into responsive cushioning through what 361 Degree calls the QDP (Quick Dynamic Performance) System. The midsole absorbs the shock waves and impact forces that are generated through the heel strike phase of the gait cycle and transfers the same energy created to the forefoot where it then pushes you off into your next step. This provides you with great energy return and allows you to feel like you can run for longer. The outsole features Qu!k Flex 4foot engineering that provides natural and balanced toe off's as well as enhances ground contact for better acceleration.

  • Seamless Knit Upper - Provides more comfort by eliminating all friction and hot spots.
  • Fitz-Rite Midfoot - Has soft internal webbing to hold the foot secure.
  • Pressure Free Tongue - Designed to provide extra comfort and avoids irritation caused by laces.
  • Padded Collar - Offers additional comfort to the Achilles and ankle area.
  • Two Extra Eyelets - Allows you to lace lock.
  • Qu!kFoam Midsole - Converts energy into responsive cushioning.
  • Qu!k Flex 4Foot - Provides natural and balanced toe off's.

About 361-Degrees

Shoe executive Jim Monahan walked away from his decade-plus as Asics America's VP of footwear in 2014 because he was intrigued by the opportunity of introducing 361-Degrees to the USA and eventually to the world. With hard work done, money well spent and opportunities on the rise 361-Degrees presented themselves to more than 200 events in 2016 alone including 5ks, marathons and fitness expos. In addition, and more importantly, the main event that came was that the new brand 361-Degrees became an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic games, supplying thousands of outfits to the volunteers, medical staff, referees and operational staff.

In the year of 2016 361-Degrees announced a partnership with the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM). AAPSM served to advance their understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries. It serves its mission through professional education, scientific research, public awareness and membership support. 361-Degrees are dedicated to getting across to consumers that they focus each and every shoe to be fast and soft.

Manufacturer product code - TSOY8541607

361 Degree Spinject Women's Running Shoes - SS18 Women Shoes Trainers KW3G9X4P4

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361 Degree Spinject Women's Running Shoes - SS18 Women Shoes Trainers KW3G9X4P4

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